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SavannahMedia.com is a local media company that offers a suite of digital services to help regional businesses navigate through the complex digital landscape. With seven consecutive years of research, investment, continuing education, and development - we've learned a lot. And we're still learning!

We've worked with dozens of local small business owners and a growing number of larger corporations. We take pride in both flexible scheduling and affordable solutions, but more importantly, our global network of contacts and experience have consistently proven to deliver value to our clients.

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  •  Startups, Domainers

Craig Davidenko / Media Director

A serial entrepreneur from an early age, Craig has indeed lead an extreme career path. From the start, the attention to detail is what Craig has always pursued. At the age of 15 he started a luxury automotive detailing business on Hilton Head Island South Carolina. Later he would be involved in corporate jet detailing. He found himself flying up and down the southeast coast with some of the most elite executives in the country. By the ripe "old age" of 21 Hilton Head became just a little bit to confining so he moved to Atlanta where he opened 3 Detailing Salons. His clients consisted of corporate executives, music recording artists and professional athletes. In that same year Craig also earned his Georgia Real Estate License. Craig's involvement now primarily focuses on digital developments. He has not only created companies from scratch but he has sold them as well. "Set a goal and go for it!"

Savannah.TV is the first video advertising network in the region. As the demand for rich-media content inevitably increases, businesses will continue to flock toward video advertising opportunities to increase brand awareness and expand their marketing horizon.
Every so often a breakthrough in technology changes the game. Welcome to the next generation of media; Drone Media. With hundreds upon hundreds of millions in venture capital funding, the future is now.
SavannahHealthcare.com is seeking a strategic partnership or licensing agreement. Finding the right local healthcare provider can be a real pain. The reinvention of local 'Savannah Healthcare' marketing is coming soon.

our solutions

drone photography

The most expensive handheld camera in the world couldn't provide the "wow-factor" that ariel photography delivers.

drone videography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, wait until you see drone video footage of your real estate, construction site, or wedding.

high-res photography

Everyone loves pictures, special especially high quality ones. We can assist with any personal or business photography needs.

4k videography

Video is power! Send your unique media message to the world wide web. We deliver engaging videos for your business.

premium domains

Nine out of ten people believe one web address is sufficient, and all nine of them are incorrect. Premium domain assets are important.

web development

Regardless of your business location, size, or annual revenue - you need a modern and mobile web presence.

search marketing

Having a website without traffic is like building a gas station at the peak of a mountain. We can get you found.

social media

It is important to organize a tailored social marketing blueprint that makes sense for your business.

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You were Amazing!

Could not have done it without SavannahMedia. They were knowledgeable and direct in their approach of rebranding our business.

-H. Wynnfield

Great job.

SavannahMedia.com is terrific to work with. They recently designed and revamped our out-of-date website, and we are very happy with the outcome.

-Savannah Vascular

Thanks again!

SavnnahMedia.com delivered on time and on budget. Surprisingly enough they were actually below budget! :)

-G. Hoover

Thanks Craig!

We had no idea that we were diluting our brand and SavannahMedia educated us and thoroughly explained what we were missing.

-L. Gillard

Grateful, thanks!

The digital "stuff" comes easy to SavannahMedia, we're sure glad we used them.

-L. Jackson

Affordable but great!

They exceeded our expectations - and delivered under our budget. A real win-win!

-R. Sizemore

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